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by wind and solar! When you come here for lessons you can be sure that we are doing something about reversing climate change. 
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DenLee Music Studio is affiliated with Bah-fo Recording Studio,
a professional-fully commercial production recording facility, located in the same building.

Vocal students get to experience singing in the recording studio to learn recording vocal technique, and have the opportunity to record songs for CDs or for posting audio-video on the studio's YouTube channel.

Guitar lessons are held at recording studio

Artist Development Training is offered to
 students with an interest in  training in performance, guitar-keyboard, vocal, recording, and songwriting studies.


Instrumentalists and vocalists come to Bah-fo Studio to record for college entrance submissions

Call 215-643-1313 to learn more!

Bah-fo studio is also home to recording artists under the Slot-1 Record Label

Bah-fo  Studio's website has  complete information.

Crazy Rhythm / Empty Drafts (feat. Lyra Project, Debra Lee & Rick Denzien) - Single, Michael G. RonstadtMichael G. Ronstadt
Slot-1 Label Recording artist, Michael G Ronstadt, is recording a new CD at Boffo Recording Studio. You can hear the song CRAZY RHYTHM with Lyra Project (Debra Lee and Rick Denzien) on backing vocals). Michael is nephew of singer Linda Ronstadt.


MMVIX to date Slot One Entertainment, Inc.

"Private music lessons for children, teens and adults for piano, voice, guitar, wind instruments,
songwriting, vocal and performance coaching for auditions, recording artists, with recording studio and experienced and certified instructors located in
Ambler Montgomery County PA"