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Music Lessons


* Lessons for Beginners
Young Children and Adults of all Ages
Did you know that instrumental  lessons make kids smarter, and promotes good mental, emotional and physical health for adults?  
It's true!
Beginners start playing music at the first lesson
Students learn note reading, ear training, musical structure (theory), and technique (proper use and coordination of  the body to play)

* Vocal Training
For people of all ages who love to sing --
for musical theater, karaoke, auditions, choral singers,
performers, recording artists, soloists
Weekly or bi-weekly lessons for beginners and singers new to lessons;
 or one-time (or more) coaching sessions offered to experienced singers (results guaranteed!)
Pitch training, sight reading, effective vocal technique  while singing your favorite songs. 
Become a better singer!


* Songwriting for Kids
Imagination, music and creative fun for elementary age students who will write lyrics, compose, and record their own songs.   They'll play the piano and percussion instruments, with games and activities for creative thinking.  Group lessons are 1 hour - meeting 4  times over 6 week period, rate is $120,  includes a recording session and CD. 

* Pop-Songwriting
 Designed specifically for middle and high school age students who are interested in learning how to create their own original songs.  We'll listen to favorite current songs  to learn about musical and lyrical  structure, storytelling, and the craft and art of songwriting.  In the process, we'll learn musical concepts, chords, and have the opportunity to sing and play the piano, using the pop-piano method to learn chords.
Students will write individually and as a group, meeting 1 hour 4 times over 6 weeks, with writing assignments for home.  Playing the piano is not a requirement, guitar students welcome.  Students should have an interest in  writing lyrics / poetry.  Course tuition:  $100
The "craft" of songwriting
Pop song structure
Lyric Writing - Storytelling
Chord Structure
What makes a "hit" song



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* Pop-Piano Method
  Learn to play current favorite pop-songs
Learn Chord Structure and Music Theory. 
Play even beats (not choppy) and in time
Accompany yourself or other singers
Play favorite songs from
Fake Books and sheet music
Three years of piano recommended.
(Click to read more about the Pop-Piano Method)

* Piano &  Vocal
Learn how to accompany  yourself while you sing using the Pop-Piano method.  Students will need previous piano  or other instrument lessons, and the ability to play by ear and sing. Lessons include both piano and vocal training.

* Pop-Songwriting
Learn how to write (and record) original songs. Individual and group lessons offered.
The "craft" of songwriting
Pop song structure
Lyric Writing
Chord Structure
What makes a "hit" song

* Vocal Training - Recording
Focus on learning songs  for recording a CD  that can be used as a gift for family and friends or demo.

* Recording Artist Development
Learn how to get started with  a career as a singer-songwriter and recording artist.  Become a better singer, musician, songwriter, and learn about the music business.   Much of what you'll learn is what people learn in college or at a professional music conference.
Learn how to "cut" in the recording studio
What mistakes NOT to make
What it takes to be successful

*Recording Party
There's great birthday
fun at our Starz Production studio. Bring up to 7 friends to sing 3 pre-selected songs to ins trumental tracks.  Vocal coaching is included, along with a finished CD for everyone to take home.



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